About Us

"My work today is wide ranging and can vary from traditional taxidermy to something more contemporary and inspired.
Being self taught has been a long and fulfilling process, enabling me to undertake my projects with knowledge and ways of thinking that I would not have otherwise gained. Today, I am still looking to advance my work through new materials, techniques and better understanding of the natural world.”
Started doing taxidermy aged 13.
1978 – Joined the Guild of Taxidermists.
1980’s – Taxidermy became a serious hobby.
1990 – Decided to leave the knitwear industry and become a full time taxidermist.
1995 – Gained Accredited Professional Membership of the Guild of Taxidermists. Won a 1st and 2nd place ribbon ( professional division ) at the World Taxidermy Championships, Georgia, USA.
1996 – Present – Winner of numerous Guild of Taxidermists competitions and awards, including best of show twice, best professional bird, best professional mammal twice and seven times winner of “best artistic interpretation of a theme.” Also became a qualified specialist in both bird and mammal taxidermy. Regularly called upon to judge Guild members work, as well as giving talks and demonstrations at Guild meetings.

I hope you enjoy viewing my website and look forward to being of service in the future